2 Piece Three Tier Mountain Display Platform With Hollow Rear Base
Made of High Density Styrofoam, the Platform works great for Halloween or Christmas Village Layouts.
The 3 Dimension Stepping Effect greatly enhances the look of any village by raising the back houses and figures
up and into view while giving you a place to hide all the wires and adapters.

Easily Hide Cords and Battery Packs Under The Hollow Base
Just place your accessories on it, and hide all the wires & battery packs by running them through the provided cord slots (see
pictures below) that run down underneath the base. Sprinkle a little Christmas Snow around to finish up and it all blends in great.
Holds approximately 9 or More Lemax or Dept. 56 Village House, Figures And Trees.
Click On Pictures Above For Larger View Of Cord Slots
1 1/2" Tiers
29" Long x 21" Deep x 4 1/2" High
3 Tier Left Side Rise
Item # mt201_left
cord slot 2
cord slot
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3 Tier Right Side Rise
Item # mt201_right